This case study relates to Ivel Valley School in Biggleswade. 

The Problem: 
The Head Mistress of Ivel Valley School, a special needs school in Biggleswade, approached us about the lighting in the classroom used mainly by autistic children. The children continually complained about both the flicker and buzzing being made by the florescent lights in their classroom. Their initial plan was to replace the tubes and fittings for new. The problem with this was that although the buzzing from new fittings maybe less the flicker would still be an issue. Furthermore, the ceiling paint in the classroom contained asbestos and they did not want to disturb this during the process of taking the old fittings down. 
Our Solution: 
Supernova proposed a solution whereby: 
1. The old fittings would be left in place, avoiding disturbing the ceiling paint, 
2. Disconnect the ballasts from the circuit, thus removing the buzz, and 
3. Replace the fluorescent tubes for LED equivalents, providing instant start, no flicker, and using half the energy of the original tubes. 
The Outcome: 
The Head Mistress’ comments were that the class teacher was delighted with the positive impact that the changing of the florescent lights to our LED tubes had on the children in her classroom. They no longer complained of either the buzz or the flicker from the lights, plus their attention levels had increased and behaviour greatly improved. Funds permitting the school would look have us replace the lighting in the entire school. 


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