This case study relates to an underpass on the A14, Cambridgeshire 

The Problem: 
Our client approached us about problems they were having at an underpass under the busy A14 just outside of Cambridge. The underpass had six pairs of standard, fluorescent, 600mm, T8 tubes in security casing to protect against vandalism. The client was having to visit the site, virtually, on a weekly basis because of continual tube failures. Upon inspection the client would find that the tubes were physically damaged. The client could only assume that this was being caused either by vandalism as a result of a violent impact to the casing or, what was more likely, vibration from the heavy vehicles passing over the underpass. 
Our Solution: 
Supernova proposed either swapping the entire fitting for a LED luminaire, or a simpler option of just swapping the fluorescent tubes to LED ones.  
The client chose the simpler option of just replacing the fluorescent tubes for our standard LED T8 tube. 
The Outcome: 
The replacement to LED tubes was an instant fix.  
1. The client has reported that not one maintenance visit had been required during the six months following replacement.  
2. The local residents have said that they are very pleased with the quality of the light in the underpass and now feel much safer using it.  
3. Our clients customer, Cambridgeshire Council, have been pleased at not receiving any further complaints about the lack of lighting in the underpass. 
4. The council are also pleased with the reduction in their energy bills by 50% since swapping over to LED. 
5. Our client has not had to expend any further maintenance costs at the site post replacement. 


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