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Established in 2010, whilst LED lighting was still in its infancy in the UK, Supernova LED Lighting has quickly become a leading supplier within the industry. The company prides itself on providing a first class service to a growing list of clients. Our aim is to provide the latest LED technology, innovatively cased, to meet the ever increasing demands set by modern design houses. 
Supernova supply everything from street lighting for highways to a standard light bulb to illuminate a room. Every product is designed with the same level of dedication and invention so that the finished article is the best that can be achieved in terms of performance and cost within the constraints of the product. Whatever your industry; “New-Build”, “Retrofit”, “Maintenance”, “Cost-cutting” or just “saving the planet” we have the right product for you and within your budget limitations. 
Our ambition is to continue to lead the lighting revolution with green, environmentally friendly, energy efficient lighting products. 


Quality and Safety 

We implement a strict quality control system to ensure that each product leaving our production area meets the quality requirements of our customers as well as the specifications for the luminaire. All of our products are put through a stringent test process, including an extensive ageing procedure to reduce early life failures. Each product line is tested by independent test houses to verify lighting and energy usage performance before data is submitted to the user. 

Research and Development 

Great importance is paid to research and development to ensure that our luminaires continue to push all of the technological boundaries. Be it the LED’s, the lensing, the materials, even the paint used on the casings; experts in each field are used to pay careful attention to bring you products that are truly “next generation”. Many patents have been issued to protect the innovative technology used in our products. Our mission is to continue to stride towards supplying products that will lead the line with new product styles and technology. 

Customer Satisfaction 

Our aim is to help our customers (partners in business) achieve their goals. Delivery of our products to you is only the beginning of our service. After-sales service and maintenance of product through its entire life cycle, not just the warranty period, is equally as important to us. 
We wish to build long term relationships with our partners based on honesty and trust. We welcome you to join us and experience our service for yourself. 
For more information about how we can enhance your environment simply call us on 01234 861971 or click here to contact us. 
Supernova LED Lighting - THE next generation lighting supplier. 
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